Fixed costs were meant to be simple, but are you not getting paid on time or is the paying party not responding to your schedule of costs? Find out how we can help your law firm recover their fixed recoverable costs.

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Fixed Recoverable Costs

Fixed costs apply in most low value personal injury claims and the rules regarding fixed costs are set out in Section 45 of the CPR. Disputes regarding fixed costs are becoming more and more common, particularly in matters relating to section IIIA of CPR 45. The Legal Practice Support team have vast experience in dealing with the following issues:

  • Consequences of late acceptance of a Part 36 Offer.
  • Non-fixed disbursement disputes.
  • Justification for removal of a matter from the Portal.
  • Pre action protocol and Section III CPR 45 disputes.


How Can We Help?

LPS will prepare a formal Bill of Costs for service and ensure you recover your full fees in a timely manner.Further, if the paying party has accepted your Part 36 Offer out of time, did you know you may be able to claim your costs on an hourly rate on the indemnity basis?Contact our Legal Costs Director at for further information, or contact us here.Our charges for fixed costs Bills are limited to what we recover from the paying party, and so your fixed costs will remain untouched!

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