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LEI Claims

There are many different types of claims funded by Legal Expenses Insurance (LEI) which can sometimes result in an unsuccessful conclusion.  As a result, you are able to claim from the LEI provider for recovery of your fees in line with the terms agreed.

But what happens if you don’t agree with their assessment of your fees?

More often than note, LEI agreements are subject to extensive and onerous clauses, and whilst they commonly state that any determination of costs should be conducted like a detailed assessment, the LEI provider’s assessment is often significantly in your favour.

LPS can provide an impartial service in drafting your Bills of Costs and negotiating this with your LEI provider.  We will ensure that the best result possible is achieved and that any outcome is in line with a reasonable and comparable detailed assessment determination.

We will only charge on a % basis of the profit costs recovered, and often our charges are recoverable from the LEI provider.

Contact our Legal Costs Director at Robert.Collington@legalpracticesupport.co.uk for further information.

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