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At Legal Practice Support, we specialise in offering SEO services for SME Law firms.

Online marketing is one of the most widely used, effective ways to promote a business. Legal Practice Support Marketing Agency provides a high quality, digital marketing service for SME law firms.

Our experienced marketing staff specialise in conducting affordable SEO campaigns to help maximise profits through enhanced lead generation.  Our professional SEO services can assist in increasing your online presence and visibility through use of our SEO friendly content creation, and article writing services, to create long term results. 

What is SEO? 

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a widely used technique for placing website pages in an optimal position in the organic search engine results section.

If a potential client were to search the term “solicitor in Manchester” into a search engine, such as Google, they will obtain a range of different results. For most people, the options on the first page of their search are usually suffice, and they will therefore disregard any results found on the subsequent pages.

For this reason, it is of great importance that your business is placed as high as possible in search engine rankings, such as Google, for keywords and phrases which would be used by potential clients.

Search engines usually analyse a range of different things on a website when placing pages in a specific order. It is difficult to know exactly what search engines look for when ranking their results, however, there are various SEO strategies which can be used to increase your ranking.

SEO Content Creation 

One of the main ways to improve the SEO on the pages of your website is through the creation of user-friendly content, targeting specific keywords/key phrases on each page.  The more SEO friendly content your website has, the higher it will rank in search engine results.

The SEO services offered by Legal Practice support include SEO content creation. We can assist in improving existing content on websites, as well as writing SEO friendly articles and blog posts for your website. Blog posts are a good way of adding content to a website to incorporate SEO marketing.

We can write articles on current, relevant legal matters, whilst targeting certain keywords within the article. An example of this would be, writing an article about a recent family law case, whilst targeting a family law related phrase or keyword, to assist their website’s ranking for family law related search terms.

Website Quality and SEO 

Having a high-quality website will make your web pages rank higher on Google. Having a slow website with lots of bugs and errors, will reduce your SEO ranking. You should ensure that your website is built and maintained by a reputable company, regularly add content to your website, and regularly scan your website for errors.

An SEO company, such as Legal Practice Support, can assist with SEO services, such as website building, web design, and site optimisation, to ensure your website is performing as well as possible.


Link building with other businesses, who would be willing to recommend your firm’s services on their own website can be an effective way of obtaining backlinks. These links can be a great way of increasing your website’s SEO.

Using an SEO agency, such as Legal Practice support can assist your firm in creating backlinks, by providing advice, SEO articles and Social Media marketing post, which can all increase your SEO through use of backlinks.

How Can Legal Practice Support Assist? 

LPS provide high quality SEO services and marketing for law firms, to increase your firm’s online presence, and create increased awareness of the legal services provided by your business. We assist many law firms who benefit from greatly improved profitability as a result of creating and developing their marketing strategy, through search engine optimisation, as well as through the use of social media and online ad campaigns. The SEO services we provide include:

  • An SEO review of your business website’s content- we can then recommend changes which could be made to webpages to increase the SEO of each page.
  • SEO friendly Article writing for your legal website’s blog, ensuring articles are interesting, current and relevant.
  • Creating SEO content for new webpages and updating the content on existing webpages to ensure they meet SEO requirements.
  • A review of your website’s health for SEO purposes, ensuring all issues such as broken links etc are highlighted and reported.

Using Google analytics, and other marketing tools is a great way to observe how well your website is performing. We can also provide an SEO service to include monthly reporting on your websites SEO ranking and performance, including, the number of visitors per month, conversion rate, as well as keyword and phrase ranking.

Why Choose Us?

Our combined legal and marketing experience put us in a unique position to provide advice and create legal content for your website and social media pages. Our marketing team is headed by Stacey Owens who oversees all marketing projects to ensure work is completed to a high standard for all clients.

If you would like to discuss how the LPS marketing team could assist your law firm by providing legal marketing services, please do not hesitate to contact for further information.

We also provide legal costs assistance and Proclaim Development for SME law firms.


Satisfied client stories

"Since we first began utilising the services of Legal Practice Support, we have seen a dramatic improvement in the capabilities of our Proclaim system. The system has seen substantial enhancements with regards to automation; tasks that previously could take staff hours, can now be completed within minutes."

Mark Brierley

Director, Beacon Law

"Prior to their (Legal Practice Support) involvement, we had little to no reporting; and what we did have was generally manually accumulated data on spreadsheets. Since Legal Practice Support began enhancing our system, they have enabled us to receive key management information as and when required, which allows us to evaluate key areas of the business, as well as provide overviews of fee earners' case progression and their performance amongst other things."

Mr L Ali

Director, Hunter Price Khan

" We have had the out of the box Proclaim system for many years, and whilst we were content with its performance, it wasn't until we utilised the services of Legal Practice Support to help streamline and automate our workflows that we really saw its potential to save time and money by maximising the efficiency of our workflows."


Yasar Ali

Clarity Solicitors

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