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What is legal software?

Legal software development can be vital for many law firms to grow and improve their processes. Legal computer applications are designed to assist law firms, legal professionals, and businesses involved in the legal field in managing their operations more efficiently and effectively. Our software development covers various aspects of legal practice, such as case management, document management, legal research, time and billing, law firm management, and much more.

Our team of developers strive to assist our clients in streamlining workflows, enhancing productivity, and ensuring compliance with legal and financial regulations with the help of a fully developed and personalised legal practice management solution.

The incorporation of technology into day to day processes is essential in the current fixed costs environments for personal injury claims management, and now is the time to embrace such technology when looking forward, to the Road Traffic Accident and Clinical Negligence small claims/fixed costs reforms.

If you are looking for more information surrounding legal software development services, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team of developers at Legal Practice Support. We are a leading legal software development company with the tools to improve the efficiency, productivity and profitability of your firm.

Benefits of using a legal case management system

Using a legal case management system offers numerous benefits for law firms and legal professionals, which can significantly improve the efficiency, productivity, and organisation of their practice. Some key benefits include:

  • Improved Organisation: Case management systems help law firms maintain a well-organised database of cases, clients, and related documents. This simplifies information retrieval and reduces the risk of lost or misplaced files.
  • Enhanced Productivity: Automation of routine tasks, such as document generation, time tracking, and appointment scheduling, allows legal professionals to focus on more critical aspects of their work, resulting in increased productivity.
  • Time and Money Savings: By automating various administrative processes and improving document management, legal case management systems can reduce the time and effort required for routine tasks, ultimately saving time and costs.
  • Collaboration and Communication: These systems facilitate communication and collaboration within the firm by allowing team members to share case information, updates, and documents easily. This can lead to better teamwork and coordination.
  • Accessibility and Remote Work: Cloud-based law firm software and mobile apps enable lawyers and staff to access case information from anywhere, making remote work more manageable and improving client service.
  • Client Relationship Management: Legal management software solutions often includes client management features, allowing law firms to maintain comprehensive records of client interactions and needs, which can improve client relationships and satisfaction.
  • Compliance and Security: Many systems include security features to protect sensitive client data and ensure compliance with privacy regulations and legal requirements.
  • Reporting and Analytics: These systems often offer reporting and analytics tools to help firms track case progress, evaluate performance, and make data-driven decisions.
  • Streamlined Billing and Invoicing: Legal case management software can automate the billing process, making it easier to track billable hours, generate invoices, and improve cash flow.
  • Scalability: As law firms grow, practice management software can adapt to handle larger caseloads and more users, ensuring they remain effective as the firm expands.
  • Risk Mitigation: Improved document management and case tracking can reduce the risk of errors, missed deadlines, and malpractice claims.
  • Client Self-Service: Some legal software solutions offer client portals, allowing clients to access case information and documents, reducing the need for constant communication and inquiries.

Custom legal software development offer a comprehensive solution for managing cases, clients, and legal documents efficiently. They streamline workflows, improve organisation, and enhance communication within law firms, ultimately resulting in better client service and more efficient legal practices.

Legal software integrations

Numerous case management systems offer the opportunity for seamless integration with diverse software and third-party applications, resulting in enhanced efficiency and greater profitability for your law practice. Integrating CMS allows your team to experience complete and tailor-made IT solutions, with your selected system serving as the central data hub.

Our team of developers are highly experienced in legal tech integrations for businesses operating in the legal industry, please get in touch today to find out more.

Why choose LPS?

Legal Practice Support are experts in legal software development. We are skilled in developing and optimising your system to fit 100% with your business needs.

If you would like to find out more about any litigation support software or case management systems and how a Developer from the Legal Practice Support team could assist your legal firm, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Satisfied client stories

"Since we first began utilising the services of Legal Practice Support, we have seen a dramatic improvement in the capabilities of our Proclaim system. The system has seen substantial enhancements with regards to automation; tasks that previously could take staff hours, can now be completed within minutes."

Mark Brierley

Director, Beacon Law

"Prior to their (Legal Practice Support) involvement, we had little to no reporting; and what we did have was generally manually accumulated data on spreadsheets. Since Legal Practice Support began enhancing our system, they have enabled us to receive key management information as and when required, which allows us to evaluate key areas of the business, as well as provide overviews of fee earners' case progression and their performance amongst other things."

Mr L Ali

Director, Hunter Price Khan

" We have had the out of the box Proclaim system for many years, and whilst we were content with its performance, it wasn't until we utilised the services of Legal Practice Support to help streamline and automate our workflows that we really saw its potential to save time and money by maximising the efficiency of our workflows."


Yasar Ali

Clarity Solicitors

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