Proclaim Solutions

Proclaim practice management software is utilised by over 25,000 professionals and is endorsed by the law society. Eclipse have produced modified versions of the software in the past and continue to update their software.

At Legal Practice Support, we have an experienced team of Proclaim Developers to assist you with all your Proclaim development needs. Our team specialise in implementing Proclaim solutions to assist in optimising the efficiency of your system.

The basic version of the Proclaim case management system is designed mainly to assist with the process management of law firms. One of the main benefits of the system is that Proclaim is easily adapted to your exact requirements to meet the needs of your law firm.

A number of tasks can be improved through the development of Proclaim, such as file and document management, accounting, reporting, workflow optimisation, as well as task and diary management functions.

The services offered by our Proclaim developers include, workflow optimisation, real time MI reporting and automation of tasks and documentation. All of our Proclaim solutions are of great value to your firm as they reduce time expenditure and, in turn, increase productivity of staff and assist in delivering real financial returns.


Workflow Optimisation


Implementing custom Proclaim solutions can ensure that your system facilitates consistent and prompt communication with clients and other parties by developing an effective client care system. Such systems ensure that clients are continuously kept updated throughout the case which subsequently allows fee earners to become more productive.  Automated email, fax, letters and SMS can also be set up to automatically contact third parties at key stages.


MI Reporting


With the correct setup, Proclaim solutions can be implemented to predict and react to changing circumstances, using a Proclaim report to retrieve in-depth data. At Legal Practice Support, we have years’ of experience in developing bespoke reports to cover a range of different business functions within many unique businesses. This has enabled our clients to experience the growth they desired as they have been able to obtain and analyse information.


Process Automation


Process automation is one of many Proclaim solutions which can help maximise your profit by using robotic process automation (RPA). RPA increases efficiency and allows tedious, administrative tasks to be eliminated so that fee-earners can spend more time working on more intricate issues and therefore, cases will be resolved more quickly.

Check out the Proclaim development pages on our website to see how a Proclaim developer  can assist your firm.