Data Exchange Integration: A Case Study

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Data Exchange Integration: A Case Study 

In todays society, law firms need to embrace the new technologies available to them to enhance their in-house processes and overall client satisfaction. There are many ways in which tech can be adapted to suit a business’s needs and goals, and our team of software developers at Legal Practice Support are experienced in working with legal professionals to reach their desired outcomes. 

The team at LPS have recently developed a seamless, secure system for case data extraction and transmission for a cost draftsman firm, significantly boosting efficiency and turnaround times.

This innovative solution features a one-click action integrated directly within the Proclaim case management software. With a single click, clients can initiate the data extraction process, which runs seamlessly in the background via the task server, providing an uninterrupted user experience within Proclaim. 

Additionally, we noted the limitations of standard protocols like FTP and SFTP, so we developed a custom Python script for secure data transfer using FTPS. This ensures the highest level of protection for sensitive case data.

The streamlined process our developers created allows the cost draftsman firm to receive the data they need efficiently with automated actions, allowing them to swiftly generate any documents they need, such as a detailed bill of costs. 

Main Benefits of the Integration

The integration our team developed into the data exchange process between a law firm and external cost draftsmen, particularly through the Proclaim software, offers several significant benefits, including:

Enhanced Efficiency and Speed:

  • Seamless Data Extraction and Transmission: The system enables rapid extraction and transmission of case data, significantly boosting efficiency and reducing turnaround times. This allows the cost draftsman to receive necessary data within minutes, accelerating the overall process of generating detailed bills of costs and other essential documents. 

User-Friendly Experience:

  • One-Click Action: Integrated directly within Proclaim software, the process can be initiated with a single press of a button. This simplicity ensures that users can operate the system without extensive training or technical expertise.
  • Background Processing: The data extraction runs in the background via the task server, ensuring users can continue with their work without noticing any impact on the system’s performance.

Improved Security:

  • Custom Python Script and FTPS: This provides a higher level of protection for sensitive case data, safeguarding against potential breaches and ensuring compliance with data protection regulations.

Streamlined Workflow for Stakeholders:

  • Automated Actions: The integration triggers a series of automated actions with a simple button press. This automation minimises manual intervention, reducing the risk of errors and ensuring consistency in data handling.
  • Rapid Data Availability: The cost draftsman’s system quickly receives the necessary data, enabling swift preparation of detailed documents. This efficiency can enhance client satisfaction and improve the overall workflow within the law firm.

How can Legal Practice Support help?

Our team of Proclaim developers are highly experienced in tailoring software to suit our clients’ individual business needs. Adapting and tailoring your claims management technology will not only improve productivity in your business but it will ultimately increase profits due to the fact that many administrative aspects of your business can be automated into Proclaim, freeing up more of your time.

Our team can provide a range of services to many types of professionals to help their firms become more efficient and more profitable. Our services include, Proclaim development/ Case management system development, MI reporting and KPI dashboardsIntegrations, Legal cost and Legal marketing.

If you would like to discuss the development of your firm’s technology, or to discuss general Proclaim development, please do not hesitate to contact for further information.


Satisfied client stories

"Since we first began utilising the services of Legal Practice Support, we have seen a dramatic improvement in the capabilities of our Proclaim system. The system has seen substantial enhancements with regards to automation; tasks that previously could take staff hours, can now be completed within minutes."

Mark Brierley

Director, Beacon Law

"Prior to their (Legal Practice Support) involvement, we had little to no reporting; and what we did have was generally manually accumulated data on spreadsheets. Since Legal Practice Support began enhancing our system, they have enabled us to receive key management information as and when required, which allows us to evaluate key areas of the business, as well as provide overviews of fee earners' case progression and their performance amongst other things."

Mr L Ali

Director, Hunter Price Khan

" We have had the out of the box Proclaim system for many years, and whilst we were content with its performance, it wasn't until we utilised the services of Legal Practice Support to help streamline and automate our workflows that we really saw its potential to save time and money by maximising the efficiency of our workflows."


Yasar Ali

Clarity Solicitors

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