The InCase Legal App, created by the firm, InCase, can be integrated with a law firm’s case management systems to keep clients updated on the progress of their claims.

The main benefit of using this app is that it can help with your firm’s levels of customer and client satisfaction levels. Customer services and client satisfaction is a high priority for many law firms as having a good reputation will assist in business growth.

One of the main benefits of using the Proclaim Case Management system is the fact that it can be easily integrated with third party systems, such as the InCase Legal App.

Some of the main features of the InCase Legal app are:

  • Use of the app helps Solicitors communicate effectively with their clients – messages, letters and e-mails can be sent to clients instantly.
  • It helps clients feel informed throughout their case as they have access to the InCase Legal App at all times.
  • Use of the app can improve staff efficiency.  As clients are kept updated through the app, this reduces the need for client calls and e-mails requesting updates on their files, meaning file handlers can focus their time on progressing cases.
  • Profits can be increased using the app.  Client calls and e-mails with questions and update requests can often add to the workloads of file handlers and increase the need for hiring more staff. Use of the app reduces the need for more staff as file handlers can use their time more effectively.
  • Incorporation of the app can improve client feedback.  As use of the app helps clients feel satisfied by the level of service received by their Solicitor, this will in turn help improve feedback from clients, helping to boost the reputation of the firm.


How Can LPS Assist?

Legal Practice support can assist law firms in the integration of the InCase Legal App with the Proclaim Case Management System. We have recently assisted a personal injury law firm with the integration of this app with their Proclaim system.

f you would like to discuss how to incorporate InCase Legal App into your Proclaim system, or to discuss general Proclaim development, please do not hesitate to contact for further information.