In a recent article, we discussed how the Proclaim Development team assisted an ATE insurer to merge their 3rd party data directly into their Solicitor clients’ Proclaim case management system. This is just one of many examples of how our team of developers can implement proclaim integration to assist in optimising the efficiency of your law firm by synchronising your Proclaim system with a number of other third party systems allowing you to enjoy full and seamless bespoke IT solutions with Proclaim as the data hub. How else can Proclaim integration with third party systems assist your law firm?

Proclaim Integration with External Parties

Do any of your existing partners have a digital environment of their own? Proclaim integration with the systems of key suppliers, such as ATE insurers, medical agencies and counsels, will ensure that data from these partners can be automatically exported directly into your system using secure web technologies. This can all be done on the pressing of a button saving a significant amount of time for fee earners and all involved.  Proclaim integration with third parties can help ensure that you never lose another medical report or ATE policy in the email abyss. Having all data and correspondence accessible, directly in your Proclaim, from the moment your partners send it to you, will help your business run a lot more smoothly and efficiently.

A Proclaim data import can be useful when receiving data, such as new client details or a medical appointment, from an external party. This type of Proclaim integration provides us with the ability to move all external data directly into the proclaim system. The main benefit of this is that it eliminates task of manually keying the data into your Proclaim system.

Proclaim Integration with Basic IT Software

Did you know you could synchronise Proclaim with basic software such as Microsoft Excel? Integration with this type of software can help provide MI reports by exporting data into excel and PDF formats to provide you with vital information.  Financial, Management Information, Dashboard, KPI and Trend Reporting are some of the key areas in which Proclaim integration with third party software can be extremely useful. At Legal Practice Support, we have years of experience creating versatile and detailed reports to provide a range of different business functions.

How Can we Help?

At LPS, we are skilled in designing software solutions that fit 100% with your business needs. In the increasingly competitive and challenging legal industry, full integration and harmony for your IT real estate is vital for maximising your businesses efficiency. LPS can help synchronise your Proclaim system with many other third-party systems. We can also help manage projects that enable you to access real-time data within Proclaim, working alongside 3rd party development companies to achieve your goals.

If you would like to find out more about Proclaim integration and how a Proclaim Developer from the Legal Practice Support team could assist your firm,  please do not hesitate to contact for further information.