At Legal Practice Support, we are always happy to aid SME Law firms in using Proclaim Software, which is why we have created a general guide below outlining the main key features of Proclaim, and how it can be developed.Proclaim is available as either an installed solution or as a Hosted / Cloud system.  If you would like any advice or support for Proclaim, contact us any time and we will happily assist.

How Can I Report on Information Using Proclaim Software?

Any data point stored within Proclaim can be reported upon. The more your Proclaim system is developed, the more there is to report on, and the more that can be analysed. This will help to improve your processes and maximise efficiency. There are also functions which allow workflows to generate reports on the stages of cases held by file handlers, as well as reports which can confirm the number of files held by each team member. Proclaim can also provide information on the WIP/billing/income generated, or how long cases generally take to conclude. To find out more, please read our article on Management Information Reports. Proclaim can also be linked to presentation softwares to present reports.

How can I Restrict Aspects of Proclaim to Management?

Using Proclaim software, you can implement authority levels so that only certain members of staff can gain access to certain information within a case. For example, you could restrict access to confidential/ sensitive information to managers with the relevant authority level. Password access can also be attached to files and documents to limit others gaining access to certain files/document s contained within a case history.

How can I Automate Documents using Proclaim Software?

When standardised data (names, addresses, pro-forma information) is required in a document, it can be automated in Proclaim. Court documents, letters and pro-forma items can be generated at the click of a button. Following auto-generation, these items can also be auto-printed or e-mailed which saves time and reduces the administrative burden further. To find out more about document automation using Proclaim software, feel free to read our helpful article on the topic.

Can I Ensure Files are Run Consistently and Compliantly using Proclaim Software?

Yes! Each case type follows a predominantly similar path in each case.  These paths can be broken down into steps to create a workflow that each file handler must follow.  During the course of any workflow, mandatory/automated steps can be added to ensure that clients are updated at relevant junctures, key dates are recorded and adhered to, to incorporate any pro-forma documentation/letters, or to flag key issues to management.  To find out more, have a look at our web page on workflow optimisation.

How Much does it Cost for Proclaim Assistance and Development?

Legal Practice Support provide law firms with assistance for using Proclaim software as well as Proclaim development. As we work predominantly with SME law firms, our pricing is flexible to ensure we assist in the growth of your company. Legal Practice Support can provide a full team based Proclaim development support package for fixed priced retainers, variable dependent upon the timescale of the contract, for a price of less than hiring an in-house developer. We also offer one-off projects which can be charged on an hourly rate basis. For a bespoke quote, please contact us for further information.

Check out the Proclaim development pages on our website to see how a Proclaim developer  can assist your firm.