What is Money Claim Online (MCOL)?

Money Claim Online (MCOL) is a method of settling a dispute or disagreement by initiating a County Court claim for a fixed sum of money. It is a straight forward way to commence Court proceedings for small claims which amount to less than £100,000.

These types of claims should be issued by one Claimant, against no more than two defendants. The HM Courts and Tribunals Service have set out guidance on making a money claim online, including which types of dispute this method can be used for, and how to accurately complete the Claim Form. The guidance also sets out the rules for making a MCOL, such as the requirement to be aged over 18, have a valid email address, and be based in England or Wales.


Proclaim Integration with MCOL

As more and more Solicitors are beginning to offer assistance with MCOL, we have noted an increase in enquiries relating to the integration of the Eclipse Proclaim Claims Management System and Money Claim Online.

The good news is that Proclaim can be integrated seamlessly with the MCOL system as the data is available on an open government licence, giving you the flexibility to manage your money claims, alongside the rest of your case load, all within the one system. The benefit of this type of integration is that processes become more streamlined, and efficiency is improved as a result.


How Can Legal Practice Support Assist?

At LPS, we are skilled in developing and optimising your Eclipse Legal Proclaim system to fit 100% with your business needs. If your law firm uses the Proclaim system, and is offering assistance with MCOL, we are able to develop your Proclaim system to allow for MCOL integration with Proclaim.

If you would like to find out more about Proclaim integration and how a Proclaim Developer from the Legal Practice Support team could assist your firm,  please do not hesitate to contact enquiries@legalpracticesupport.co.uk for further information.