Solicitors spend an extraordinary amount of their time preparing routine letters and standard forms/Court documents, all of which contain a significant amount of generic information.  Document automation increases the efficiency in preparing these items whilst reducing errors, and improving the client experience.

What Can Document Automation with Proclaim Achieve?

Generic information is repeatedly inserted into routine documentation.  Such information can be in the form of party details, title, address amongst many other things.  Proclaim is able to automatically enter a document template and insert the relevant fields within the same.  Through document automation, an extensive array of letter/document templates can be created with minimal effort.

In addition, with the burdens placed on Solicitors in modern litigation, it can be easy for a file handler to forget to provide clients with updates at certain points of litigation. Proclaim can, therefore, be developed to ensure clients are provided with routine updates on a regular basis, and at specific points during the life-cycle of their case/claim.

What Benefits Does Document Automation Achieve?

Information of any individual or party will only ever need to be entered once into the Proclaim Case Management System.  This inevitably means that masses of time can be saved on routine tasks, such as preparing client care packs, or providing routine updates to a client.  If developed correctly, document automation can ensure that Court documents are prepared with default settings that can be altered by a file handler if required.

Document automation also vastly reduces the level of errors that arise in documentation through human error, and significantly improves the client experience, ensuring all clients are properly updated whenever they reach certain trigger-points of their instructions or claim.

How Can We Implement Document Automation into Proclaim?

Increasing the level of any aspect of automation within Proclaim will vastly reduce the administrative element of your team’s workload, and increase their efficiency and profitability as a result.

To learn more, get in touch with our Head Proclaim Developer, James Denby, at Legal Practice Support here

James Denby is Head of Proclaim Development at Legal Practice Support and possesses in excess of eight years’ experience, both in-house and as an external consultant, in developing legal case management systems.  James is also uniquely in the position of having worked as a Senior Manager within a law firm, and as having conducted his own caseload as an experienced Paralegal.  As a seasoned Proclaim Developer, James understands the requirements of any IT system/workflow/task from the view of the user, as well as from an IT perspective.