We recently assisted a personal injury firm who required our assistance in developing their Proclaim case management system to implement Proclaim automatic case allocation. 


The Problem 

It was becoming a time-consuming task for the law firm’s management teams to ensure all staff members had their appropriate number of cases allocated to them. 

They found that they frequently had to review the numbers of cases settled and closed and allocate the cases out to each fee earner accordingly to ensure they had the caseload they required. 


The Solution 

An algorithm was created within the firm’s Proclaim case management system by Legal Practice Support (LPS). This algorithm helped organise the business’ case and document management systems accordingly. When the new cases are accepted by the new claims team and ready to be assigned, the system now automatically checks each user’s caseload. It then automatically sends assigned new cases to users that need them. 

 The algorithm also took into account that different Fee Earners might not all require the same amount of cases, i.e. some staff also perform supervisor roles, so they need a smaller number of cases. 

It would also accommodate other factors such as Court Track of cases and certain heads of loss. The Proclaim automatic case allocation has helped to ensure that all cases are allocated to the right people. The Proclaim case task management system will track and monitor factors in fee earners to help the system determine who it should allocate the case to. 


Furthermore, you can use the algorithm to interpret existing applications for processing transactions coming through to your business, manipulating any data to be more organised, and the algorithm can trigger responses and communicate with other systems. 


The Benefit 

The main benefit of integrating Proclaim automatic case allocation into this solution is that the Proclaim task management system has the ability to schedule to autorun, set algorithms and tasks up and has the ability to complete roles that managers struggled to complete. This has given managers more time at work to focus on other tasks.  

Furthermore, it ensured there was no favouritism with regards to who was allocated what case. The Proclaim system will measure all file handler’s workloads, analyse their job roles, to allocate suitable cases accordingly.  

Proclaim automatic case allocation is not exclusive to personal injury departments and can be applied to all claim types, i.e. could be used with the same principle in conveyancing based on value or any other claim type with any different varying sets of criteria. 


How Can Legal Practice Support Assist Your Firm? 


Legal Practice Support can assist your firm by developing your Proclaim system to allow for automatic case allocation and many other types of automated tasks. We are the UK’s leading Proclaim Developers. We can help your team eliminate the tedious, administrative, robotic tasks that they may currently spend a lot of their time performing. This means that they can spend more of their time focusing on the more complex issues in the business and handling and settling more legal issues swiftly.  

The team at Legal Practice Support are specialists in Proclaim Development solutions and Legal IT. We offer optimisation of your Proclaim system through the development of the software to ensure you are making the most of your system. The development of your system will vastly improve the productivity and efficiency of file handlers and will deliver real financial returns to your firm.  

We can also develop your system by implementing web service integrations and workflow optimisation.

If you would like to discuss how a Proclaim Developer from the LPS team could assist your law firm, please contact us for further information and to book a set time, date you are available to speak.   

James Denby is Head of Proclaim Development at Legal Practice Support. He possesses in excess of eight years of experience, both in-house and as an external consultant, in developing legal case management systems. He oversees all projects to ensure work is completed to a high standard for all clients. As an experienced Proclaim Developer, James also maintains his own workload, consisting of complex development projects or high priority tasks. He can be contacted via e-mail at enquiries@legalpracticesupport.co.uk, or get in touch with just a click of a button via our contact form or by on 01204 930234.