Which Law Firm Marketing Strategies are Most Effective?

It is essential to have a marketing plan in place when promoting your law firm, to attract new, prospective clients. There are many different law form marketing strategies, and some online marketing strategies will work better for your business than others, depending on the size of your firm, and your practice areas. Carrying out each strategy and analysing the results is the only way to really know which strategies work best.

Law practices and legal service providers can implement a range of different marketing strategies. We always recommend the use of a combination of different strategies, so that optimal results can be achieved. The results of each strategy should then be analysed so that more attention can be focused on the strategies that work best.

We have shared a list of strategies below, which we have found to be the most effective ways of attracting our client’s target audience, and improving lead generation through use of different marketing efforts.

Your Firm’s Website 

The most important element in your online marketing strategy is having a great website.

 A website can tell you a lot about a company.  Potential clients will feel a sense of distrust in your firm if your website is slow and badly designed. They will also gain an unprofessional impression of your company. You should, therefore, ensure that you have an engaging and attractive website design, which is responsive and updated regularly. Your website should be informative and represent your company well.

The marketing team at Legal Practice support are experienced in creating and designing high-quality, responsive websites, and have created many bespoke websites for our clients, which have effectively met their firm’s needs. We also provide advice to our clients on how to improve their firm’s current websites.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a great method of driving traffic to your website. It is a process which helps your website rank higher in search engines. Optimisation of all content on your website, including service pages and blog posts will assist in increasing your website’s rankings within search engine results.  Having a fast, responsive website, and building backlinks to your website can also help boost your SEO. The experienced marketing team at Legal Practice Support provide a range of SEO services, which help many law firms, and legal service providers, to rank higher on a google search results page, or any other search engine page.

Content Marketing 

Creating original content for your website is a fantastic way to generate brand awareness and target potential clients. Creating  original content for your website, such as interesting, informative blog posts, service pages, and videos, will boost the SEO ranking of your website, and increase traffic to your site. Legal Practice Support Marketing specialise in helping your law form get noticed by providing SEO friendly articles and blog posts, which you are free to use on your company website, or social media pages.

Social Media Marketing

Social media plays a huge part in most people’s everyday lives, which is why it can play a vital part in your marketing strategy.

Having a social media presence in the form of a Facebook page, or Twitter account, can be great for increasing brand awareness. It can also help to increase your SEO rankings, thus, improving your website’s visibility to potential clients. Posting content regularly on your social media page is useful for keeping clients informed and up to date on company policies.

If you share content, such as blog posts, from your website, on your social media page, your followers will also be able to share this content on their pages, further increasing your brand awareness online.

At LPS, we realise social media marketing can be particularly time consuming, which is why we offer a social media management service, so we can do the marketing for you. Have a read of our recent article to find out more about promoting your firm on social media.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay per click can be a particularly effective way of promoting your law firm online, although it can be expensive.

It can be difficult to get noticed using SEO alone, due to the competitive nature of law firms. That being said, the better your SEO strategy, the less need you will have to implement PPC strategies.

PPC is basically a way of paying to advertise online; this could be done using an advertising service on a third party website, or by using social media Ads.

One of the most popular PPC services is Google Ads, whereby advertisers and business owners place a bid for their advertisements to be placed in an optimal position within the search engine results. The highest bidders, with the best content, are usually placed at the top of the search rankings for whichever keywords or phrases they have placed their bid for. All google advertisements have the word “ad” placed beside them and the owner of the ad will be charged a certain amount each time a person clicks on their ad.

The marketing team at LPS are highly competent and have vast experience in using PPC strategies.

How Can Legal Practice Support Assist?

LPS provide high quality marketing solutions for law firms, to increase their online presence, and create increased awareness of their business’ legal services. We can provide free advice on which law form marketing strategies we think could work best for your law firm.

Many of the law firms we assist benefit from greatly improved profitability, as a result of Legal Practice Support creating and developing their marketing strategy.

Please do not hesitate to contact stacey@legalpracticesupport.co.uk for further information, if you would like to discuss how the LPS marketing team can provide legal marketing services to assist your law firm.

We also provide legal costs assistance and Proclaim Development for SME law firms.