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In the fast-paced and ever-evolving landscape of legal practice, law firms are constantly seeking ways to enhance their efficiency, improve client service, and stay ahead of the competition.

One of the most transformative strategies that has emerged in recent years is the integration of software solutions into daily workflows.

Software integrations have become essential tools for modern law firms, providing a range of benefits that allow solicitors and legal professionals to work smarter and more effectively.

At Legal Practice Support our team consider many factors when integrating software into a law firm, considering factors like security, ease of use, scalability, and compatibility with existing systems.

Additionally, we ensure that the software meets regulatory compliance requirements and offers adequate data protection.

If you are looking for more information surrounding seamless integrations for your case management system then please get in touch with the team at Legal Practice Support today to find out how we can assist your business.

Software integrations for law firms

Whether you use Proclaim, Leap, Clio or any other reputable legal case management software, our team of developers are on hand to adapt your software to your specific needs.

Our software integrations for law firms can save you from carrying out manual, time consuming tasks, and ensure all documents, correspondence and information are in one place for you to access, anytime, anywhere (cloud based systems).

We are passionate about ensuring your firm benefits from productive practice management with the best use of the available technology.

LPS can help synchronise your CMS with many other 3rd party systems enabling you to enjoy full and seamless bespoke IT solutions with your chosen case management system as the data hub. Some of the more popular integrations include:

Integration with funding providers

LPS helps law firms to integrate their systems with After the Event (ATE) insurance and legal funding providers.

This integration not only simplifies workflow but also contributes to better risk management and financial planning for law firms.

Audiogram integration

LPS regularly assist with the integration of audiogram tools into law firms’ case management system. This integration helps law firms to save time at the stage of calculating quantum on a case.

Power BI and dashboard integration

Integration between data dashboard tools, such as Power BI, and your case management system allows firms to extract data from your system to help you to analyse information easily.

With the correct setup in your CMS, you can ensure that all key data reports are scheduled to run automatically and to be disclosed to predefined contacts or locations at specified times. Thus, ensuring fee earners are never missing the information you need to make key business decisions.

Client source/ claims management company integration

LPS regularly assist with integrations between law firm systems and client source systems. Client information can be obtained from the client source and automatically entered into a firm’s case management system. Documents can be automatically downloaded and files can be assigned to fee earners in sequence, or based on caseloads.

This helps to save fee earners’ time and reduces the risk of human error.

Accounting and financial management

Our team can help by integrating your accounting and financial management tools, such as Sage or Xero, with your case management system.

eBilling and time tracking

LPS can help your firm by integrating e-billing and time tracking software with your case management system

Electronic signature and document management

Our team can assist with the seamless integration of electronic signature software into your case management or document management system.

Adobe Sign, for example, Integrates with many legal document management systems and is widely used for electronic signatures in the UK.

Title checking and validation tools

We can further assist with the integration between your CMS and title checking and validation tools. These tools can help law firms identify potential issues with land titles and the land registry early in the conveyancing process.

Client portal and collaboration

  • ShareFile: Provides secure file sharing and collaboration tools, useful for client communication and document sharing.

Email and communication

  • Outlook Integration: Outlook is commonly used for email communication. Legal practice management software can integrate with Outlook to capture emails, track billable time, and manage client communication.
  • Email Encryption: Integrations with email encryption solutions ensure the security of sensitive client communications, ensuring compliance with data protection regulations.

Calendar and scheduling

  • Outlook Calendar: Law firms can integrate their Outlook calendars with practice management software to manage appointments, deadlines, and court dates efficiently.


Benefits of software integrations for law firms

Software integrations offer law firms a multitude of benefits. They streamline legal workflows, boosting efficiency and productivity. Integrations automate repetitive tasks, reducing human error and saving time. This results in cost savings, as firms can allocate resources more effectively and minimise administrative overhead.

Client service improves through integrated CRM systems and collaboration tools, enhancing communication with access to automated text messaging services and enabling personalised services. Fee earners can gain better access to legal resources, including research databases, enabling more informed legal decisions.

Additionally, data analytics tools help law firms track performance, billable hours, and make data-driven decisions.

Ultimately, software integrations give law firms a competitive edge by offering increased efficiency and reduced costs. This further assists with enhancing client satisfaction, and freeing up valuable time for strategic and client-centric tasks.


Why choose LPS?

Legal Practice Support are experts in software integrations for law firms. We are skilled in developing and optimising your system to fit 100% with your business needs.

We provide a range of services to all types of legal professionals to help their firms become more efficient and more profitable.

Our services include:

 If you would like to find out more about integration and how a Developer from the Legal Practice Support team could assist your firm, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Satisfied client stories

"Since we first began utilising the services of Legal Practice Support, we have seen a dramatic improvement in the capabilities of our Proclaim system. The system has seen substantial enhancements with regards to automation; tasks that previously could take staff hours, can now be completed within minutes."

Mark Brierley

Director, Beacon Law

"Prior to their (Legal Practice Support) involvement, we had little to no reporting; and what we did have was generally manually accumulated data on spreadsheets. Since Legal Practice Support began enhancing our system, they have enabled us to receive key management information as and when required, which allows us to evaluate key areas of the business, as well as provide overviews of fee earners' case progression and their performance amongst other things."

Mr L Ali

Director, Hunter Price Khan

" We have had the out of the box Proclaim system for many years, and whilst we were content with its performance, it wasn't until we utilised the services of Legal Practice Support to help streamline and automate our workflows that we really saw its potential to save time and money by maximising the efficiency of our workflows."


Yasar Ali

Clarity Solicitors

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