Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, many employers are now advising their employees to work from home to help prevent the spreading of the virus throughout the workplace. One of the main challenges that businesses are faced with is the ability to ensure all processes for an employee working remotely, are streamlined in the same way they would be if the employee was working in the office. Law firms using software, such as Proclaim Legal Practice Management solutions, should find the transition fairly simple.

As many law firms still use paper files, they will face difficulties in providing the same level of service to clients when faced with having to self-isolate, due to the risk of contracting Covid 19. As the Proclaim Case Management system is a paperless system, which can be easily accessed from home, business can continue as usual, from the home of solicitors and file handlers.

Eclipse Legal system’s software, Proclaim, is the most popular legal case management system which has been endorsed by the law society and is utilised by many types of legal service providers, including family law practices, conveyancing departments and personal injury claim firms.

One of the main benefits of the Proclaim legal software is that it provides a paperless system, which makes it easier for file handlers as all their files will be accessible from one central database. All information relevant to cases and files can be accessed using the system, limiting the need to take paperwork out of the office.

How Can Legal Practice Support Assist?

Legal Practice Support can provide assistance for law firms in accessing their Proclaim, and other case management systems remotely. We are also experienced in taking out-of -the-box Proclaim legal software and developing it to automate processes and reduce administrative tasks, both of which are of great use when having to work remotely.

Having been active in the Legal IT industry for over seven years, we have invaluable experience managing IT systems for firms as small as 30 people all the way up to enterprise clients with over 300. Furthermore, we are accustomed to working with multiple other stakeholders to resolve any IT problems that might arise.

If you would like to discuss how a Proclaim Developer from the LPS team could assist your law firm, please do not hesitate to contact enquiries@legalpracticesupport.co.uk for further information