Legal Practice Support believe that businesses should try to improve and enhance their wider community if they have the means to do so. The coronavirus pandemic has significantly impacted many people’s lives with restrictions, business closures and school closures, leading to a surge in mental health issues for both children and adults. Due to the impacts of the pandemic, Legal Practice Support, alongside ARC Costs and Bark Street Digital, have teamed up with Kept Fit Gym Bolton in a community project to provide sponsorship for a range of programmes.

On 3rd February 2021, representatives from the three businesses held meeting with Alex Youngman from Kept Fit gym in Bromley Cross, Bolton to discuss some potential ideas for the sponsorship programme.

During this meeting, we discussed the ongoing issues faced by the local community as a result of the pandemic and decided that sponsoring free gym sessions would be a great benefit to people who’s mental and physical health have been impacted by the restrictions.

We also agreed to sponsor an athlete scholarship programme which will commence as soon as the relevant lockdown restrictions have been lifted.

Why Have We Chosen this Project with Kept Fit Gym Bolton?

The main reason we have chosen to focus on this project is because of the huge impact the coronavirus pandemic has had on mental health. Many young people and adults are not getting the physical exercise they need to keep fit and healthy. Lack of exercise can have a massive impact on mental health, which is why we believe keeping active is so important.

Our Director, Robert Collington and his wife, Olivia both train at Kept Fit Gym Belmont (Bromley cross) and believe it is an excellent community hub with great staff who have a wealth of experience in providing classes for people of all ages and abilities. Coronavirus has had an impact on all gyms, meaning that they have been unable to open for some time now.

Legal Practice Support are excited to start this sponsorship project with Kept Fit gym and our partners, ARC Costs and BSD, and we hope to expand our sponsorship programmes in the future to help other vital services within the community.

About Kept Fit Gym

Kept Fit Gym Bolton offer gym services, personal training, fitness classes and a wide range of equipment and free weights for people of all ages and levels of fitness. They are a functional conditioning gym in Bolton with free parking.

They are unique as they do not provide traditional cardio equipment such as running machines and cross trainers, but focus more on strength and overall fitness. If you are searching for a great gym in Bolton to help you reach your fitness destination, look no further than Kept Fit, Bromley Cross.

Can I Get Involved?

If you would like to discuss collaborating with us or any of our partners on a Sponsorship scheme, feel free to contact us via email at We are always keen to help out in our local community, so we are happy to consider funding for any project which may help the wider Bolton community.